Botswana remains one of the wildest places on earth, from the ferocious black maned desert adapted lions in the Kalahari to the largest concentration of elephants in the world in Chobe national park. Nature is at its finest throughout the country and is permanently on show. The country has rightly decided to protect their pristine environment at all costs and this makes for the most extraordinary safaris and animal encounters.

Lion eating elephant in Chobe National Park
A typical driving situation in Moremi National Park

It’s not easy to travel Botswana on a budget and a self-drive is more complicated than in South Africa or Namibia due to the swamps around the Okovango Delta, such as in Moremi, and the deep sand in the Kalahari.

But if you are looking for the luxury holiday of a lifetime then this is the place to go. Due to its high-end ecotourism concept, Botswana has the best luxury accommodation in the world. Luckily for us, we get to try them out and report back to you – Follow our Instagram stories to see all the amazing places we get to stay in.

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