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So, who are ‘The Guides’?

Olivier is French, born in French Guiana and raised in metropolitan France as well as 2 years in Mayotte. I, Stacey, am British, from the south west of England until my parents decided to move to France when I was 12 years old. We are both 26 years, we have been together for almost 6 years and we are (finally!!) getting married next year! But most importantly, we are both tour and safari guides in Southern Africa, currently based in Namibia. To find out how we got to where we are today, head over to our post ‘Why we moved to Africa’.

We are not your average travel blogger. We did not sell everything we had to leave our home country and travel the world. That is mainly because we had nothing to sell apart from Olivier’s comic collection (which he still won’t sell!). We have lived in both South Africa and Namibia and are permanently travelling throughout Southern Africa, exploring, discovering, and sharing these amazing experiences with our guests.

We accompany our guests throughout their travels and help them plan everything before even arriving. If you fancy travelling with us read our page on how.

At the Tropic of Capricorn in the Namib Desert - Picture taken by our guests

The main goal of this blog is to promote travelling through Africa and to let those who are interested learn more about us, our work as travel and safari guides, and life in Southern Africa. We love our jobs showing people around Southern Africa so we have decided to do it virtually too. And if we can inspire a few of you to travel to Africa then that’s great!

We will regularly post articles about different places that we have travelled to, mostly in and around Southern Africa, as well as elsewhere in the world. We will only write about places we have been to personally.

Due to our studies in biology, ecology and ethology, we continue to be interested in the latest research on these subjects and often share recent studies concerning African fauna and flora on our social media platforms (Our facebook page, and twitter account) and you can find all our best photography on our Instagram account.

Captured by Olivier's Mum at Ongongo, Namibia

As tour guides we get to return to places several times and so we know all of their secrets and can give great tips on what to do in each region or town, and we want to share these secrets with you!

Lastly, we will share our views and thoughts on various subjects as we travel, such as the roles of tourists, their effects on the local communities and what it is really like living in Africa. With these articles we hope to get others thinking about these subjects too, so please feel free to comment and continue the debates.

We are currently not sponsored by anyone and do not receive any paybacks for the reviews we write. Everything we write shows our own opinions on places and services and we will never give a fake review or promote a company that we do not recommend or would use ourselves.

However if you are interested in working with us and being featured on our blog and other social media platforms then please contact us at [email protected]

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